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CHOP STOP WAS CONCEIVED... from frustrated craving for chopped salads and nowhere to buy them. “I could sometimes find a single chopped salad on a menu,” founder Mark Kulkis recalls. “But even those were few and far between. I couldn’t believe a health-conscious city like L.A. didn’t offer more.”
So Kulkis decided to take matters into his own hands. “For me, the key was to chop all the ingredients really fine, so the flavors and textures combined in every bite. I also like a lot of ‘stuff’ in my salads such as meat, cheese and fun toppings like fried onions. I made them the way I wanted to eat them.”

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WHEN HE SHARED HIS CREATIONS with friends, their rave reviews convinced him that he could make a business of it. He joined forces with Joey Gonzalez, a veteran restaurant operator with over 20 years experience, and in December 2010 they opened the first Chop Stop in Burbank, California. It was an immediate success and the team proceeded to open an additional location each year after that, culminating with their huge Glendale franchise Training Restaurant in 2016. Chop Stop now has a total of seven restaurant locations (five corporate and two franchise) throughout Southern California and are looking to expand our salad franchise to other states in the west including Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, Utah and other areas of California.